Chantecler - For whom the bell tolls Featured

The Italian jeweller from Capri celebrates peace, joy and fortune

by 27 June 2012

It all began with a local legend in Capri when Saint Michael appeared in front of a young shepherd, who was desparately looking for his lost sheep, and gifted him with a little bell wrapped in a four-leaf clover. The magic bell led the shepherd to what he was seeking and from then on, it has served as a symbol of joy and happiness not only for the Capri jeweller Chantecler, but also for the Mediterranean town itself.

This bell would work its magic again when Chanteler commissioned to bronze artist Tessitore the creation of a Fortune's Bell for F.D. Roosevelt, at that time the President of the United States of America Roosevelt, who sounded the end of World War II with its triumphant toll.

What better reason for Chantecler to transform this symbol of peace, fortune, joy and happiness into a luxury gold jewellery collection? A great way to celebrate the Made-in-Capri!

To celebrate the opening of its very first boutique in Capri, Chantecler created a bell collection named Capri 1947. The full collection of charms, earrings, rings and necklaces boasts all the beautiful colours of Capri on a sunny day with a wide range of gemstones: diamonds, emeralds, corals - white, red, pink and orange - turquoises, moonstones, labradorites, sapphires - orange, blue, pink, yellow and rey - amethysts and phosphosiderites.

Many different sizes of cabochon-cut gemstones create a dynamic silhouette and 3D effects, for truly collectible pieces that can be mixed and matched as you wish.

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