One of a Kind Featured

Faraone and its premier design jewelry

by 04 June 2012

Imagine you can create any jewellery and accessory yourself in the blink of an eye: the earrings, bracelet, necklace, cufflinks... Faraone breaks from the idea of a traditional jewellery set with the concept of ‘composable’ pieces which you can call your very own. The inspiration comes from the fact that no two individuals are alike and jewellery should always reflect your own personality.

Your composable piece begins with a simple bracelet - in pink gold, white gold or diamond pavé - on which you can add charms of every kind. Gem-set butterflies and hearts in different sizes can be clipped onto the bracelet with a simple yet secure link. Whether you decide to put just one or many, a personalized jewellery piece is instantly created. Want a necklace or even cufflinks? Just double or triple up a bracelet for a sautoir, or simply choose two of your favourite charms and wear them as cufflinks. Contemporary personalization for Faraone is also about preciousness. Gold metals, diamonds, rubies, sapphires, smoky quartz and other gemstones are set by hand to create the jewellery, one piece at a time. Faraone’s craftsmen continue age-old Italian goldsmith and jewellery-making traditions to create the collections you can see for yourself in their showroom on Via Montenapoleone.

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