Carrera y Carrera - From jazz to jasmine Featured

Subtle jewellery based on the fragrant white blossom

by 22 May 2012

Madrid-based jewellery brand Carrera y Carrera has launched a new collection of jewellery named Jazmín, inspired by jasmine blossom that is an important part of Andalusian culture. It confirms that floral jewellery is an important trend this season, with similar approaches having been taken by Piaget, Dior, Chanel and De Beers. The jasmine motif takes the form of intricate sculpted patterns enclosed within the two assymetric circles that form the basic design. In some versions, mother-of-pearl creates an evocative contrast with gold and evokes the scented purity of the flower's colour. Rings, pendants and earrings form coordinating sets, particularly beautiful in the version with white gold and diamonds.

Carrera y Carrera, founded in 1970, works with almost 60 jewellers in their Madrid factory, and its distribution network covers over 40 countries. Their jewellery is hallmarked by effects of matt and bright finish on their metals.

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