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Piaget celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Yves Piaget Rose with a dazzling collection

by 20 April 2012

Yves Piaget searched for beauty throughout his life and it was no secret that he had a passion for roses. Sensual, exuberant, unique – his never-before-bred rose possessed all of these qualities and in 1982, the Geneva International Competition of New Roses christened the champion blossom the Yves Piaget Rose. Ever since then, it has been a great muse to the Piaget maison. Piaget is celebrating the 30th birthday of its favourite flower with a summer garden of over 100 bloomers. Stunning jewellery pieces and watches portray the Yves Piaget rose in all of its shapes and forms. The collection also presents new standards in jewellery making with the crafting of the blooming rose, the open-worked rose and the laceworked rose. Piaget’s jewellery artisans craft the flower’s elements individually, and assemble them from the inside out and top to bottom. The result is a voluminous and complex jewellery piece with a life-like design. The Yves Piaget Rose earrings, pendants, necklaces, sautoirs, rings, bracelets, as well as timepieces such as cuff watches, sautoir watches and secret watches are a beautiful tribute to Yves Piaget’s passion for beauty, a legacy that Piaget will carry into the future. Follow this link to find a Piaget boutique worldwide.