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Looking back to the 1970s, a dazzling decade for Cartier in the Big Apple

by 16 April 2012

A show running at the Cartier Fifth Avenue Mansion, New York, will run from 13 April to 8 May 2012, with tours from Monday to Friday at 11.00 a.m. It highlights work by designer Aldo Cipullo, an Italian catapulted to fame by his Cartier Love bracelet. He created the 1971 Nail bracelet, far ahead of its time. Even though the quintessential Italian with move-star good looks, Cipullo's work was the essence of New York in the 1970s, with ingredients such as modern love, Pop Art, women's lib, the zodiac, backgammon and more.

The show presents about 40 jewels from the 1970s, with drawings, scrapbooks, videos, and an interactive touch screen wall.

For the brand, the decade really began in 1969, when Cartier sold a diamond to Liz Taylor and Richard Burton. This 69.42 carat pear-shaped jewel was the first diamond to sell for over $1 million, and it put the brand onto the world's headlines. Cipullo's iconic design, the Love bracelet, benefited from this publicity.

The Cartier Fifth Avenue Mansion was granted landmark status from the New York City Landmarks Preservation Committee. And Elizabeth Taylor helped Cartier break another record by commissioning a necklace for the historic 204.84-grain La Peregrina Pearl in 1972. The original drawing created by Cartier for this piece can be seen at the show.

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