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Innovative cufflinks for women

by 21 September 2011

Jewellery has been a part of life for men and women for hundreds of years, but there is still room for new products and a refreshing approach. Wolf London has achieved exactly that. The new designer jewellery house has introduced a remarkable debut collection, provocative pieces brimming in style and elegance.

Their breakthrough pieces are without doubt their cufflinks for women. They have taken a classic of men's fashion and given it a new look for women of discerning taste. They worked with London designer Hannah Martin, who adds her unique style approach in designs that nonetheless reflect the wearer's individuality.

The pieces are hand crafted in London’s famous jewellery centre Hatton Garden by the most experienced craftspeople, who work with exclusively the finest metals and gems.
Wolf also offers a bespoke jewellery service which enables clients with specific requirements to obtain these unique designs in different metals, stones and finishes.

Wolf London cufflinks for women developed from an idea by London-based creative director David Nation, who in 2010 identified the potential of high-end cufflinks designed specifically for woman as an indulgent fashion accessory. Up until then, comparable products on the market were primarily functional, used with women’s double cuff business shirts.

Tim Bill, co-founder of the new jewellery maison, describes Wolfs’ debut collection as far more than merely cufflinks for women. “They are unique jewellery creations that reflect the wearer's individuality and asks the question whether the fashion industry could accommodate a more adventurous way to wear jewelled accessories.”

The collection features four designs, named after four goddesses. "Freya" is a fine, cool, sterling silver cufflink in an intriguing, origami-like sharp-folded design. "Persephone" is a very different piece, a sinuously-curving design in warm, bright 9-carat yellow gold. "Vivian," black-haired goddess of the moon, the mysterious She-wolf who lives with wild animals, is in the form of interlocking palladium circles with a tiger's eye stone and 40 black diamonds, expressing the fascination of the orbits of planets and moons in the infinity of a black velvet night sky.

"Hathor," fiery Egyptian goddess of pleasure with an insatiable appetite for joy, love and dance, is a glittering celebration of feminine originality, in the form of 18-carat red gold, with brilliant cut rubies (approximately one carat in each cufflink) and black diamonds (about 0.9 carat in each cufflink).

All Wolf London products are presented in an exclusive Wolf gift box.
Products can be ordered online at www.wolflondon.co.uk