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The famed artisan and jewellery designer reveals his inspiration

by 21 September 2011

A Turkish-based artisan and jewellery designer to look out for is Sevan Bicakci. Raised in the tradition of old jewellery masters in the heart of the Grand Bazaar, Sevan is a true artisan who loves to explore and push the limits of his own imagination.Bicakci is known especially for his opulent rings, each of which are unmistakably unique works of art, designed with meticulous expertise and lavish materials.

He takes his inspiration from literature, art and the very city he lives in. “There are so many dreams imagined on each patch of ground we lay our feet on. This has always been the case with Istanbul. I am so happy to know that I don’t have to go far to be inspired,” he tells LUXOS.

Bicakci is a true Istanbulite, who was born in the ancient neighbourhood of Samatya, minutes away from the Topkapi Palace. His workshop is located in the Grand Bazaar, and so consequently that is where he has spent most of his life, learning and later applying the traditional methods of jewellery making to his imaginative styles. He is especially enamoured of the Byzantine era, reflected in the mesmerizing details of his unique objets d’art.

The designer’s remedy to living in a chaotic city is to enjoy Istanbul the ways locals do. We polled him on his favourite things to do in town, they include: having a beer at Lucca restaurant in the Bebek area with friends, dining on fish and raki at Eleos, his beloved local meyhane (tavern) and going for coffee at Café Fez in the Grand Bazaar. On Sundays, he sails his boat to the most charming of the Princes’ Islands, Burgazada, to enjoy an apéritif looking over to Istanbul from the magnificent hill of Kalpazankaya.

As a 3-time winner of the prestigious Town & Country Award, Bicakci is one of the brightest and youngest designers pursued by serious jewellery collectors across the globe. This year, Bicakci won his fifth Couture Award in the Pearls category with a remarkable octopus-inspired ring-cuff. The cuff features 3,000 hand-set multi-coloured diamonds and a gigantic South Sea baroque pearl. A true collector’s item, this piece would make a stunning addition to your collection.

Sevan Bicakci
W Hotel
Visnezade Mah, Sair Nedim Caddesi 3, Akaretler, Istanbul
Tel. +90 212 2369 199

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