The Panther's Eye Featured

The panther returns to reign supreme for Cartier's dazzling collection

by 15 September 2011

The glint of an eye, the grace of all-dominating power, predatory stealth, sinuous slinking; secretive and deadly, majestic and playful: the movement of the panther is the inspiration behind Cartier’s all powerful new collection.

Playful and dreamy in platinum rings, brooches, necklaces, cuffs and earrings paved with brilliant-cut diamonds and onyx or sapphire spots, tame and tender in white gold rings with openworked eyes creating the illusion of lashes, or fierce, bold and contemporary in yellow gold bracelets, necklaces and rings. All facets of the legendary beast are creatively explored for the Panthère collection.

Of course it is not the first time the inimitable haute joaillerie maison has reimagined the jungle’s most impressive beast. Serpents, tigers, birds and snakes feature in the glittering menagerie of Cartier – the Maison’s roots chiming sparklingly with the European decorative arts of the 20th century. But it is perhaps the panther that reigns, just as he does in the wild, among Cartier’s signature beasts.

The very first, seminal incarnation of the panther spot motif, crafted from onyx and pave-set rose-cut diamonds, wowed luxury aficionados back in 1914. The big cat became one of the Maison’s most iconic motifs: the exquisitely designed feline that wrapped itself around the wrist ‘like a caress’ for the Panthère watch – which doubled as both a chain bracelet and timekeeping instrument - became one of the most agenda-setting watches of the 1980s. You see, the panther has long reigned supreme at the House of Cartier.

Now, nearly a century on from its first appearance, the dazzling Panthère collection takes the study a step closer to the creature, by exploring its nature and movement at rest and at play. Mirroring the expressions and form of the multi-faceted feline, thematic designs veer between intricate and highly decorative embodiments in platinum of the snow-white panther. Bold and sculpted in gleaming yellow gold, super-contemporary takes feature painted mouths, beveled profiles and ears pricked up, ready to pounce. Elsewhere the panther’s tender side is explored in depictions of the creature at rest, sensuous in yellow gold and black lacquer, the tsavorite-garnet eyes that scan the horizon framed by a wise and gentle face.

Resplendent in cushion-cut yellow sapphires, chalcedony cabochons, with sapphire spots, onyx noses and emerald eyes, leashed by brilliant cut diamond collars, guarding its yellow, purple or cabochon sapphire prey across ceramic pendants, cuff bracelets, tassels, sculpted bangles, chains and rings with Fur stone-settings, dappled paving and onyx studs, the Panthère collection is pure poetry in motion – just like the big cat itself.

This collection – much like the feted feline – will captivate and enthrall all those who are party to its unbridled beauty, strength and prowess.

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