Meissen, luxury jewelry by a three-century old brand Featured

New departures, with the heritage developed during a long and glittering history

by 17 May 2011

Meissen is a German luxury brand famous principally for its impeccable porcelain and traditional exclusive figurines. Today, the brand is undergoing a transformation, under the new direction of Dr. Christian Kurtzke, who joined the company in 2008. The three main growth areas are ‘Meissen Home’ (including architecture), Meissen artCampus’ (limited artwork pieces in collaboration with artists in residence), and Meissen Joiallerie.

The latter jewellery collection incorporates Meissen's traditional values, including the the crossed swords trademark, given symbolic representation in the Swords line. The richly decorated Heritage Line is a tribute to Meissen’s works of art of the past 300 years. The jewellery collection creates new material combinations offering an impressive play of light and colours.
An anniversary exhibition at the Meissen Art Gallery will run to the end of 2011. Titled ‘All Nations Are Welcome’, it is the largest special exhibition in the manufacturer's history. Outstanding pieces of porcelain are presented that demonstrate the influence and the international relations of the manufacturer to countries and cultures throughout the world during its 300-year-history.

The company benefits from its own source of material, mined at the smallest pit in Europe. In addition it has a closely-guarded paint laboratory where approximately 10,000 different paints are made.
Meissen, under the creative leadership of court goldsmith Johann Jacob Irminger, initially began making exclusive decorative pieces for the court out of chocolate-coloured jasper porcelain (Böttger stoneware) by combining it with gold, rubies, diamonds, and semi-precious stones. With the invention of ‘white gold’, Meissen became the interior decorator for August the Strong, and created stylish decorations for smaller and very grand tables, as well as entire interiors. Today the company has 600 employees and is represented by 300 authorized dealers, as well as its own boutiques in 30 countries.

Contact details:
Staatliche Porzellan-Manufaktur Meissen GmbH Talstraße 9, 01662 Meißen, Germany, tel. +49 (0) 3521 468 600,

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