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The 2011 Collection offers four colourful themes, each an incarnation of the treasures of Istanbul

by 15 April 2011

With a vast heritage of mysterious jewellery-making techniques, Turkey’s international jewellery house Gilan brings the opulence of the Ottoman court to the 21st century. Founded by brothers Muharrem and Ferhan Gilan in 1980, Gilan has channelled the artistic characteristics of old Istanbul into the present, producing an alluring blend of contemporary style and history.

Gilan’s intricate designs and meticulous craftsmanship create jewellery pieces that tell a narrative dating back to 15th century Istanbul. Gilan incorporates motifs and palace techniques derived from an inner circle of artists and craftsmen. A fine example can be seen in Gilan’s Heritage Collection with its signature rose-cut diamonds and metal work. The piece reflects the mysterious and seductive ambience of the harems in the Ottoman palace. Gilan reveals the enticing glamour of jewels through each memorable piece.

The new collection, Colours of Emotion, takes its inspiration from the natural colours that surround the brand’s birthplace. The palette is rich with sumptuous colours found in the city's resplendent architecture and objects historically deriving from traditional craftsmanship. The colours are the poetic shades of the city’s legendary atmosphere; the golden light of its unique sunsets, the rose of romantic gardens and the dark blues of the whispering waters that flow along the shore. From golden rings that resemble Haghia Sophia’s cupolas in the sunset to whirling blue glass work in Eye of the Nightingale earrings, Gilan pays tribute to the splendour of Istanbul and the craftsmanship perfected by its masters.

Gilan has boutiques in Istanbul and New York. Its collections are also available in exclusive locations in London, Paris, Dubai, Baku and Megeve. The New York Fifth Avenue flagship store has 320 square metres of space exhibiting the superb collections of jewellery for women.

The newest Gilan boutiques at Istinye Park and Four Seasons on the Bosphorus Hotel in Istanbul were created by celebrated interior designer Bruno Moinard, ensuring a sophisticated and luxurious shopping experience.

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