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Sevan Bicakci's intricate jewellery is designed for discerning collectors and unique individuals

by 10 January 2011

At first glance, Sevan Bicakci jewellery has an almost haunting look. The rings, bracelets, and necklaces are works of art that draw you in, urging you to look deeper into the craftsmanship. Innovative techniques such as metal-based painting, engraving, calligraphy, intaglio carving and micro-mosaic settings give each piece an intricate, timeless design. Upon closer inspection, Sevan Bicakci jewellery becomes a work of art on a small, wearable scale.

Istanbul is a source of endless inspirations for Sevan. Born and raised in Istanbul, he still works and lives in this eclectic city. Sevan began his career at the age of 12 as an apprentice to Armenian master jeweller Hovsep Chatak, and continues to work out of the same workshop near The Grand Bazaar, in the midst of centuries-old monuments. As a child, Sevan was profoundly impressed by the history, atmosphere and beauty of Istanbul. With true love for his native city and the art of jewellery making, Sevan transposes the mirage-like images of Istanbul into dazzling pieces.

Besides his Turkey-inspired collection, the Fruits and Animals collection also draws its inspirations from Sevan’s childhood. The collection features vivid designs, such as a serpent’s head, an owl’s face, and octopus’ tentacles, bringing an otherworldly realm to life. The colours and shapes are exuberant, like objects seen through a child’s eyes, when everything takes on larger-than-life forms. “The Byzantine emperor and the Ottoman Sultan meet Alice in Wonderland” is how Sevan has described his designs.

The fact that the Sevan Bicakci brand cannot be easily categorised is one of its most fascinating aspects. When looking at such unique, contemporary creations, one might ask: are they “luxury,” “design jewellery,” or “works of art?” Actually they are all three, thus it is not surprising that Sevan Bicakci jewellery pieces are such coveted and collectible items. As Sevan points out, his collectors are well-travelled, well-informed people from around the globe, from the Middle East to Russia, from Hong Kong to Brazil.

As a renowned jeweller, Sevan has received many awards, including the Couture Design Awards for four consecutive years and the Tanzanite Foundation Award for Best Independent Designer of 2007. Five of his rings have been shortlisted by the Victoria & Albert Museum’s panel of judges to become a part of the Jameel Prize Exhibition.

Sevan Bicaki fans living in the UAE don’t have to travel all the way to Istanbul to buy Sevan’s jewellery, however, thanks to the Sevan Bicakci boutique in Dubai, which has just re-opened with a brand new look this December.

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