Dodo's New Boutique in Düsseldorf, Germany Featured

Premier Design Jewelry Meets Urban Jungle-inspired Design at Germany's First Dodo Boutique on Königsallee in Düsseldorf

by 21 October 2010

Recently opened on Königsallee in Düsseldorf, Germany’s first Dodo boutique thrills with its spectacular design, which plays with the brand’s iconic theme and palette. The young and delicate jewellery brand by the prestigious Italian house Pomellato and the store’s stunning interiors cannot fail to strike emotive chords.

The store’s two huge glass façades invite visitors into the enticing boutique, where shimmering green silicone grass “grows” like a thick soft carpet from the ceiling and spreads across one of the walls. The unusually high counter with stools resembles a bar, while the sand-coloured walls are reminiscent of an African tukul. The décor also features many small mirrors on the ceiling, reflecting the fascinating world down below from different angles. Dodo's appreciation of the natural and the unconventional, as well as its sense of humour, are perfectly staged at the new flagship. Check out the exclusive collections in store.

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