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Paspaley's elegant new collection, Marquise by Paspaley, celebrates 75 years of premier design jewelry

by 05 October 2010

To begin telling Paspaley’s story, we will have to first talk about the pearling industry back during the 1930s in Western Australia. It was a time when the pearling industry was driven by the mother-of-pearl shell which was mostly used for making buttons. After World War II, the plastic button was invented and the pearling industry was changed overnight. But a master pearler named Nicholas Paspaley was determined to save his business.

In Japan, he saw the successful technique of culturing Akoya pearls so he tried to bring the same method to the South Seas. With numerous trials and errors over the following years, Nicholas Paspaley was finally able to produce beautiful cultured pearls with the giant Pinctada Maxima shell. Today, his only son Nicholas Paspaley AC, Executive Chairman of the brand, remembers his father's hard work almost 75 years ago: “When I travel the world and see Paspaley pearls on display in the world’s leading jewellery houses, it always takes me back to the source…back to my father’s grand vision and a journey that involves so many years, so many miles and so many memories. And now we have our own boutiques around the world in which to house these magnificent gems that we have produced in harmony with nature.”

For the best cultured pearls, South Seas pearls are what you should look for. Their size, lustre and quality are superb. "Luster" refers to the glow of each pearl, where layers and layers of nacre reflect light from deep within the sphere. Think of the glow of candlelight at night, and you get the picture. Paspaley South Seas pearls have a natural colour, lustre, and they are also some of the world's largest. Ranging from 10mm to over 20mm, Paspaley pearls come in perfectly round shapes or the more unique baroque shape.

Though a classic strand is one of the most common ways of wearing pearls, Paspaley goes far beyond the conventional design. Created in the brand's own design studio in Australia, Paspaley jewellery pairs beautiful pearls with diamonds, rubies, emeralds and other gemstones to bring out the best in every sphere.

This year, the new collection Marquise by Paspaley celebrates 75 years in the South Sea pearling industry. Inspirations came from Nicholas Paspaley Senior's own story, and the design re-visited Old World glamour with a contemporary edge. "Pearl-first design" is Paspaley's approach, which puts the beauty of the South Sea pearl on centre stage. Marquise is no exception, with one-of-a-kind creations that pearl lovers and gemstone enthusiasts will be thrilled about.

With tanzanite and pavé, platinum-set diamonds as centerpieces, the nacreous glow of the Paspaley pearl strands is beautifully emphasized against the azure gemstone. An equally impressive design alternates tanzanite and diamonds, with two large South Sea pearls as the focal point in the Marquise collier. Design also touches on a more abstract theme with matching rings and bangles, and elegantly coordinated earrings and pendants. Paspaley seeks to appeal to a wider public also with Marquise cufflinks and charm bracelets – delicately bejewelled and ever so precious. The collection is available in Paspaley stores in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong, Sydney, Melbourne, Darwin and Broome.

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