Jewelled Fairytales Featured

Luxos takes a look at some of the year's most magical jewellery pieces, created with tradition and innovation in mind

by 20 September 2010

This year at both Salon International de Haute Horlogerie and Baselworld 2010, we saw lots of beautiful jewellery and watches. There seemed to be a resounding idea among many brands that innovation is only possible with tradition serving as a firm foundation. I kept thinking about this as I saw the new collections presented by some of the world’s largest jewellery houses today. Perhaps changing times require a new approach to product design, but then I realized it’s all about how a historical brand finds ways to renew itself and carry on a legacy. Whether the new collection is paying tribute to the brand founders, to the heritage of the house, or even to long-lost legends, tradition and innovation go hand in hand. Indeed, jewellery is the testimony of its times – who designed it, who made it, who wore it. When all things pass, jewellery will still tell the story of our lives. Luxos has picked out some of the year’s most exciting collections so you can pen a story of your own.

The Camelia, Mademoiselle Chanel's emblem, is a scentless and thornless flower with which Coco Chanel used to adorn her outfit, be it on one of her suits or on a little black dress. Today, this elegant flower has inspired an entire fine jewellery collection for Chanel. Beautifully set in white gold, contrasting white and black diamonds produce a surprising combination that displays the flower's classic simplicity to perfection. With their beautiful geometric design and expert craftsmanship, wearing the Camelia collection's rings, earrings, necklace and bracelet feels just like being adorned with the vivid blossom itself, but in the form of diamonds and white gold.

“A little rough around the edges” might be how you would describe someone, but saying the same about diamonds means a whole different thing. For centuries, rough diamonds have been regarded as nature’s rarest treasures, and were worn by kings and queens so they could enjoy good luck and prosperity. De Beers pioneered the use of rough diamonds in jewellery pieces in 2005, and since then, its Talisman Collection has become highly collectible. Imagine: only one rough diamond out of 1,000 has the right characteristics to be chosen for this collection. Now you can have some positive karma too with the launch of the brand-new Talisman Collection. It has an additional thirteen new designs, comprising pendants, bangles, bands, rings and earrings.

Central Park, skyscrapers, traffic, nightlife, the Guggenheim... These are all things that symbolise the Big Apple, and it is no coincidence that they are also the names of the jewellery pieces in Harry Winston’s New York Collection. It consists of rings, necklaces and earrings, and the spectacular diamonds are showcased with a platinum setting. Harry Winston as a jewellery company carries on the spirit of its founder and his obsession with gemstones. His love of glittering stones continues to inspire the company today. The "King of Diamonds" often kept these priceless treasures in his pocket for good luck, inspiration and pure joy. While you might not necessarily want to carry loose diamonds with you while you travel, you will certainly feel the same happiness wearing the New York Collection.

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