Great things are happening at bespoke English jeweller Blacklock Jewellery Featured

New collections of luxury gold jewelry and a new e-commerce website

by 06 May 2010

Designers Sophia Chalklen and Laura Strand have worked with bespoke English jewellers Blacklock Jewellery to create two fine  collections with distinctive style and contemporary appeal. The two collections were presented on the occasion of Blacklock Jewellery's new website launch and rebranding operation.
Sophia Chalklen's three pieces designed for Blacklock Jewellery are named the Dress Collection, and were inspired by the Art Deco style. The pieces have clean-honed, flowing lines, enhancing superb pear-shaped sapphires from Thailand, and glittering white diamonds (D, E and F colour grades) in fine grain white gold settings.

Laura Strand created the Contemporary Collection, in which she continues her signature style of free-flowing lines and wave-like shapes, but introduces a highly contemporary motif, conical geometry, which renders these pieces highly distinctive. G-colour-grade diamonds are grain set in white gold. Luxury gold jewelry at its highest expression.
Ralph and Chris Blacklock continue to design the Classic Collection and the bespoke premier jewelry for which Blacklock has become famous. New products will be added to their Seasonal Collection twice a year. All collections are featured on the new website

Where Blacklock Jewellery really differs is in its on-line Diamond Catalogue, where customers can choose the gem that they want and need. Alternatively, customers can entrust their stones to Chris and Ralph Blacklock who will create a superb piece of jewellery that enhances the gems to the highest possible degree. We recommend taking a look at the website, which is very user-friendly, and represents a true mine of information. For example, under the heading "The Family," click on "Read our blog," where there is a whole series of entries based on customer questions. In one such entry, Chris Blacklock provides a fascinating description of the world of coloured diamonds, rarities that have entered the public view through celebrities wearing pink diamonds. Such gems reach astronomical prices, says Chris - in 1989, Christie's sold a 3.14 carat Argyle pink diamond for $1.5 million, and privately they are sold at prices that exceed $1 million per carat.

The new website is the latest departure in a long history. Robert March Blacklock established Blacklock Jewellery in 1832 in Bedford Street, Sunderland, with the objective of making sophisticated jewellery available in the north of England. Today, the company continues to go from strength to strength, led by father-and-son team Ralph and Chris, creating bespoke premier design jewelry to the highest possible standards.
Further information: tel +44 (0)203 086 8778