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Luxos searches for this summer's bejeweled trends

by 05 May 2010

Times change and trends go by but the pleasure of wearing an elegant piece of high-jewellery stays unparalleled to having other objects of desire. Simple figures turn into opulent objets d’art in the experienced hands of jewelmakers who invite you to the enchanting world of exceptional precious stones. Notice how everyone’s eyes flicker as you light up the summer days with these sparkling gems.

Legendary Design
Legend has it that thousands of years ago lived an immortal firebird with precious stones on every single feather, and when he realized it was time for him to die, he would burn himself only to be resurrected again. Characterized by designs rich in heritage, Gilan brings the opulence of the ancient history to the summer of 2010. The dazzling necklaces and earrings draw inspiration from the age-old phoenix tales of immortality. You will be spoilt for choice between the collection’s 40 pieces embellished with diamonds, drop-shaped emeralds set in white gold.

Luxos Favorites from Gilan

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Love of Spiders
You might not like them in person but you will love them in diamonds. Chaumet’s captivating designs for this season can turn your phobia into love of spiders. Utilizing intricate craftmanship techniques, the aptly named ‘Attrape-moi, si tu m’aimes’ (Catch me if you love me) collection combines colorful stones and lively diamonds on white and yellow gold spiderwebs. Opt for this Spider ring in yellow gold, diamonds, demantoid garnets, and spessartite garnet for maximum effect.

Luxos Favorites from Chaumet

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Pearly Reflections
Never out of style, pearls have always been the expression of the ultimate elegance. This summer why not try to add a contrasting edge to your glamorous style with Mikimoto’s black pearls? The famous pearl design brand offers brilliant new rings from its Elements of Fire collection which emits sparks of passion with graduated shades of pink sapphire against the smoky glow of black South Sea cultured pearls.

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Secret Key
Unlock the door to beautiful designs and unique personal style with Tiffany’s Keys collection this season. Inspired by exquisitely crafted vintage keys that opened old jewellery boxes, each of these wondrous keys is elegantly expressed in 18 karat yellow or white gold, platinum with diamonds. Crafted with utmost quality and suspended from fine, ball or oval-link chains, these dazzling floral designs celebrate something dared or something dreamed, a secret love or an experience never to be forgotten.

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Spirit of Beauty
What could be more magical than a fairy adorned with rubies, diamonds and emeralds? This precious icon reflects the refined and opulent taste of a century of Van Cleef & Arpels designs which were celebrated with a grandiose exhibition at the Mori Arts Center in Japan last year. For this season, the legendary jewelry brand introduces a special set of editions inspired by its Alhambra motif. Studded with motifs of different sizes either in openwork gold or in natural grey and white mother-of-pearl with a pearly white gold contour, this limited edition necklace constitutes a signature in understated elegance.

Luxos Favorites from Van Cleef & Arpels

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Love Forever
Unending love can only be achieved by looking at the world throught the eyes of love. Love engraved in gold is the unique and universal commandment that reveals the sense of life. Holding the passion for love above all, Pasquale Bruni has created the Amore collection comprised of beautiful multi-colored golden rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, all engraved with ‘Amore’. A diamond-studded Amore ring conveys beauty and encapsulates passion with which it was made - much like a work of art.

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Trinity Constellation
Be a part of Cartier’s Trinity Constellation with stellar rings and necklaces from the new Trinity collection. The most ambitious introduction to your collection of Trinity rings must be the Trinity Sauvage ring: a daring stylistic alliance between the panther motif and the three unusual rings - one in pink gold, one diamond -studded white gold and yellow gold splashed with spots of black laquer. The big cat is never out of style, especially when coupled with sensational diamonds.

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