Boucheron presents "Inspiria," an extraordinarily colourful and imaginative premier jewelry collection Featured

Luxury gold jewelry designed in cooperation with Cirque du Soleil

by 27 April 2010

Boucheron president Jean-Christophe Bedos and Cirque du Soleis founder Guy Laliberté both liked the idea of celebrating 25 years of shows by the famous circus by creating a very different range of high jewelry. Colour is a fundamental characteristic of Cirque du Soleil, and so it was only natural that Boucheron should create twenty very colourful high jewelry necklaces, with a remarkable combination of precious gemstones, in order to describe twenty of Cirque du Soleil's most successful performances.

These jewelry pieces feature imaginative design, interesting iconography, and of course expert craftsmanship. They are an interesting example of figurative jewelry, because each piece includes reference both to one of the Cirque du Soleil performances, and often to images such as spider, masks, butterfly and so forth.

The collection will be appreciated worldwide by those with an eye sensitive to art and colour. The collection also has a charity accent, because some of the proceeds will be donated to One Drop, a foundation established by Guy Laliberté in 1987 with the objective of ensuring that all people have access to water.

The entire collection will be on show at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, from March 31, 2010, to August 29, 2010. The installation at the museum is very striking, with lighting designed to enhance the sparkle of these pieces. They are accompanied by original gouache drawings and videos that illustrate the inspiration and making of each necklace. The Museum Director, Nathalie Bondil, said, “As in the case of high fashion, so often seen in the media but rarely accessible, the world of fine jewellery is still a mystery. Here, we go backstage into the creative sphere in which craftsmen and women work on projects like this one, continuing a centuries-old skill that is here, for once, made public.” The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts is at 1380 Sherbrooke Quest, Montréal, Canada, phone (514) 285 1600.

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