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New motifs and new meanings for the Dodo 2010 collection

by 30 March 2010

A new treasure will soon be seen on tanned skin at the seaside in summer 2010. Dodo’s little fish is made in two versions, pink gold and with diamond pave. As always, there is a meaning attached to the motif, and in this case it is well suited to the season, in which gossip runs rife on the beach. “Can you keep a secret?”
The little fish also appears on the Marine bracelet in rings of pink gold and silver, along with other Dodo motifs linked to the sea: Octopus, Seastar and Dolphin (these three in diamond pave), and Seahorse, Angelfish and Seal.

Another new appearance in the Dodo menagerie consists of a pair: Cockerel and Hen. The messages for these two could be “I’d like to smother you in kisses” and “I’m enchanted by your song,” and so they are classical courting phrases. These pendants would be ideal gifts for inside an Easter Egg, or as gifts to exchange in a couple, whether new or tried and tested. Of course, when it comes to meaning, cockerels and hens suggest all sorts of things, not always entirely complimentary, but this is best left to the imagination of all Dodo fans worldwide. And women with a well-developed sense of inwardly-directed irony could treat themselves to the hens bracelet made with a series of pink gold and silver rings.

In the lucky charms series, Dodo has introduced the Die, which differs from the other charms because it is not a flat silhouette, but it is really die-shaped. It is made in two versions, the first in solid silver with dots in red enamel, or solid pink gold with diamond dots. What better way could there be to wish someone good luck, or to express the concept that life is an adventure in which there is always another chance?

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