Harry Winston's passion for single, unadorned gems Featured

The legendary jeweller redefined the relationship between a woman and her diamonds.

by 19 October 2009

Many jewellers now adopt the title of “jeweller to the stars”, but Harry Winston was the uncut original. “If I could, I would attach the diamonds directly onto a woman’s skin,” he said in his most famous quote.

Harry’s passion was eternally fixed to the single, unadorned gem: its luster and purity, brilliance and fire. Inspired by this, he allowed his precious diamonds to sparkle, uninhibited by heavy or elaborate settings, using almost-invisible, three-dimensional platinum wire to construct free flowing, natural patterns and a new, modern way for women to wear jewels.

Harry passed away in 1978, but the spirit of his heritage endures in the glamour and romance of today’s collections. The ‘magnificent obsession’ with ultra-rare, exceptional gems led him to unearth the world’s most celebrated rough diamonds; the 726-carat Jonker and the 970-carat Star of Sierra Leone.

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