Pinctada, phenomenally successful pearl brand in Dubai Featured

This pearl is so beautifully rare that it can only be found in the South Seas. Unless, of course, you live in Dubai.

by 07 October 2009

Perfect in every way
Like the eponymous pearl, Pinctada grew organically out of a single passion. During a visit to the pearl farms of Australia and Tahiti, founder Susan Frost discovered the unique South Sea pearl, the Pinctada; that grows in many unique colours from magnificent white to the rare, exotic black. Susan was so taken with their beauty that she learned everything she could about them and established the phenomenally successful Pinctada brand in the city of Dubai.

Internationally renowned for her expertise, Susan travels across the world in her quest for the finest South Sea pearls available. On her return to Dubai, the priceless gems are transformed into extraordinary pieces of jewellery.

Pearling has a long and vivid history in Dubai. Throughout the 19th century, the natural pearl that flourished in pearl beds in the warm, shallow waters of the Arabian Gulf was one of the region’s most valuable trading commodities. The largest and most lustrous were rare and highly prized, with only one, single gem-quality pearl to be found among 100,000 oysters.

After surviving the threat of piracy: oil exploration, pollution and overfishing finally saw an end to the pearl trade. Yet, pearls of exquisite quality are still much sought after in Dubai boutiques. Susan’s Pinctada specimens, that can take months and even years to reach perfection, are among the most beautiful in the world.

Creating bespoke pieces for their many loyal clients lies at the heart of their service. The Pinctada team meticulously select each pearl for a custom-design strand, or diamond studded piece. Every detail, from the hallmarking to the individual certification and even the exclusively designed packaging is executed with complete passion and dedication.

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