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The ultimate form of exclusive jewellery, for royalty and dignitaries.

by 06 October 2009

The tiara has always symbolised power ever since the ancient Greek civilization. Every king or queen who belonged to a ruling class possessed a diadem, in order to demonstrate their absolute power. With changing times and fallen kingdoms, tiaras are no longer exclusive to the rulers in Europe. Aristocrats and the affluent class began to appreciate tiaras too.

Seen as the "ultimate jewellery", the coveted tiara is not to be worn on a daily basis, but is worn only on the most important days of a person's life. Royal families in Europe only display their tiara collection on special occasions. The Spencer Tiara, worn by the late Diana, Princess of Wales, on her wedding day, is a tiara that her family has had for several hundred years. It is said that since Diana's passing the family has taken back the Spencer Tiara. With that said, the new wealthy families who might not have centuries-old tiaras will look for a tiara maker and have theirs exclusively made. Chaumet is one of the world's oldest French jeweller and tiara maker for royalty.

Founded by Marie-Étienne Nitot in 1780 as a jewellery business, the house of Chaumet continues to create jewellery pieces and exquisite tiaras for royalties around the world today. Its most famous patron was of course Napoleon. Using jewellery as a symbol of power and the rise of the Empire period, Napoleon appointed Nitot to design his coronation crown and jewellery. The consular sword, in particular, was set with the 140-carat Regent diamond. Queen Josephine's diadem and jewellery were also set with the most precious stones as a symbol of power. Popular among European royalties, dignitaries and businessmen, Nitot created many important jewellery and tiaras for them too.

Different from most jewellery pieces, the making of a tiara involves a unique process. Since it is worn on the head, the tiara must have a perfect 360-degree design that is flattering from every angle. The choice, setting and position of each stone, clearly exposed, also require superb craftsmanship.

For the biggest moment in life, I would say the tiara is the most precious piece of jewellery that you can ever own. Chaumet offers unique and creative designs where the tiara is worn not only has a head jewellery, but it can also be taken apart and worn as separate pieces such as a brooch, necklace, etc. There is nothing like a tiara that says you are the protagonist on the most important day of your life.

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