Mikimoto's Best of the Best, luxury in cultured pearls Featured

Luxos takes a look at the history of this remarkable house and its prestigious products.

by 03 July 2009

Mr. Kokichi Mikimoto created the world's very first cultured pearl in his hometown of Iseshima, Japan in 1893, and a legend was born. Undeterred by the Great Kanto earthquake in 1923, and the bombing of Tokyo during World War II , Mr. Mikimoto was determined to continue developing his brand. Today, Mikimoto has become an authority among luxury jewelry brands. To better understand Mikimoto's position in the jewellery world, we must first take a look at its history and tradition of excellence.

In the mid 1800's, before the Meiji period, Japan was very active in foreign trade. Japan's natural pearls were particularly popular, and Iseshima's famous pearls were being harvested to a crisis point.

In the hope of saving these pearls, Mr. Mikimoto thought that he could culture pearls using human intervention. He spent his waking hours throughout the next several decades learning the sea's properties and experimenting different culture methods. Numerous failures did not stop him.

Finally, on July 11 1893, he opened one of the pearl oysters in the company of his wife, and found inside the pearl that he cultured himself. The world's first cultured pearl was born. Mr. Mikimoto's cultured pearl became headlines. This pearl was proof that man could skillfully manipulate nature to produce pearls, one of nature's rarest treasures. In the beginning of the twentieth century, most jewellery in Japan was imported from Europe. At that time, Japan did not have its own original jewellery production, nor its own craftmanship. To provide the best quality and design, Mr. Mikimoto immediately sent his best employees to Europe to learn essential skills and the latest design. In 1907, he opened the Mikimoto Jewellery Factory, Japan's very first jewellery factory. By 1924, Mr. Mikimoto received the great honour of being appointed as the Imperial Family's Jeweller.

Mr. Mikimoto's dream came true. The world recognized and praised the quality of his beautiful pearls. The Mikimoto company continued to expand over the years, and incorporated precious stones and diamonds in its collections. Here, Luxos would like to introduce Mikimoto's most precious collection called "The Best of the Best".

What do we mean by the best pearls? "The Best of the Best" is one of Mikimoto's most distinctive collections. Every pearl of the necklace is carefully examined so that each one is equally perfect, round and luminous. With such rigourous standards, perhaps only one out of 100 Mikimoto pearls could pass the test. Decorated with platinum and diamonds, the Best of the Best necklace is unsurpassed luxury and beauty.

For over a century, Mikimoto strived to learn about the properties of the sea, protect and nurture the growth and maturity of pearl oysters. Newly formed pearls go through a rigourous sorting process. The nacre's colour, luster, thickness and smoothness are carefully examined before being considered to be made into a piece of jewellery. This strict selection also applies to the diamonds and stones of the jewellery pieces at Mikimoto. Polishing is another integral process, because it brings out the best of a pearl. A Mikimoto pearl is not only a sparkle. It is an all-round perfect luster that lights up the woman who wears it. As to design, Mikimoto combines European and Japanese aesthetics to create classic models that never go out of style. From culture and sort to polish and design, quality is rigourously controlled at every step, because quality was Mr. Kokichi Mikimoto's pride, and the foundation of this prestigious house of jewellery.

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