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The founder of America's foremost luxury jewellery brand talks to Luxos about his inpirations.

by 01 July 2009

As an avid artist, David Yurman founded his own jewellery brand over 25 years ago. At a time when retailers in the U.S. placed little importance on promoting brand names, David and his wife Sybil insisted on selling their collections exclusively under the name of David Yurman. Fusing art, fashion and luxury, the American jewelry brand stands out with its distinctive style, championed by connoisseurs and celebrities worldwide. Luxos gets to know the giant behind this global luxury name.

What is David Yurman’s inpiration?
So many things inspire me. To name just a few: my dreams, travelling, the ocean, and art of all genres. I do anything and everything to keep my perspective fresh while searching for the extraordinary in things that others might overlook.

What makes David Yurman jewellery unique?
Our collections are unmistakably recognizable and embody a relaxed American luxury, one that is unrehearsed, confident and elegant. What are some of the signature themes of

your jewellery collections?
Our collections encompass a variety of metals, stones and designs. The contrast of simple metals with exquisite gemstones has always been a David Yurman hallmark, and results in classic, artistic jewelry.

Are your collections divided by seasons?
Our collections are constantly evolving, but we officially introduce new collections every spring and fall. The collections reach an influential customer with a passion for luxury and high fashion.

What are some basic items that you would recommend for day-to-day wear?
Our box chain necklace is versatile and easy to wear, and the Waverly Timepieces and Men’s Thoroughbred collections are a flawless addition to any look or wardrobe.

For special occasions?
Our Limited Edition collection is the ultimate expression of luxury, inspired by the beautiful, rare gemstones from my personal collection.

How would you define luxury?
Luxury is the balance of style, elegance, artistry, and exceptional craftsmanship.

What are your favourite places in the world?
Hong Kong is a wonderfully cosmopolitan city where people are well-traveled, intelligent, fashion-forward and trendy; the very elements and philosophy that our designs adhere to. As for the US, I would have to say New York, as both Sybil and I are native New Yorkers, but I feel most at peace when I am horsebackriding out West.

For a list of David Yurman boutiques, click here.

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