Silvia Damiani talks about her family's jewelry company Featured

Quality design and luxury, both tangible and intangible.

by 30 June 2009

What are the Damiani family’s traditions and values since the founding of the company?
The Damiani company shares the same passion that my family has always had for the art of jewelry. For us, being a family is undoubtedly a strong point. We support each other in decision-making, something often only family members can do together. Damiani has always been synonymous with the high tradition of “Made in Italy” in the world. Ours is a company with more than 80 years of history with a great tradition on our shoulders. Today, Damiani represents one of the greatest expressions of Italian jewelry, appreciated the world over for its craftmanship, precision of details, design, modernity and innovation.

What are the challenges that Damiani faces today as a jewelry brand?
Damiani is a very strong brand growing on a global leval. In Italy, Damiani is a leader in the jewelry market in terms of both sales and brand awareness. Surely our next challenge is to strengthen our position in the international market where we are already present, and to develop new markets.

What are some of the most memorable pieces that Damiani has ever created?
Damiani has always been synonymous with very high quality. For us, quality does not just mean excellent materials, but also a special attention to design and to our jewelry production. We have won numerous awards for our jewelry design – 18 Diamonds International Awards. And no doubt we will continue to stand out for this important fact. Our collections offer masterpieces and smaller pieces. For both types of jewelry, we pay a lot of attention to the workmanship, proportions and the choice of stones. Every single detail is checked, so as to satisfy our customers’ needs.

What gives you the greatest satisfaction as a part of the Damiani legacy?
My work fills me with satisfaction and the fact that I share everything with my family is a motivation to continuously improve. I am constantly learning something new. I travel a lot. I get to know new people all the time. I love my work for many different reasons and I feel very lucky for this.

What are your hopes for the Damiani family’s next generation?
Our children are still young, but no doubt my brothers and I would love to carry on the company’s future plans, for as long as we feel passion for our work.

Does Damiani create custom-made items?
Our custom-made service is very important for us. All Damiani jewelry pieces are handmade by our master jewelers. Damiani is known for its Made-in-Italy tradition in the world: classic shapes, quality stones, manufacture precision. Every collection, offers timeless designs. Every Damiani jewelry – even if one happens to look simple and classic – is the result of a profound, creative craftmanship and exclusive design.

What does luxury mean to you?
Luxury can be many things today. There is materialistic luxury, represented by a high-quality product with a hefty price tag due to the materials used, its design and artistry. Then, there’s intangible luxury, which evokes precious moments, the value of emotion and time. I consider myself very lucky because “my luxury” is a combination of both the materialistic and intangible. Often, a jewel is a symbol and expression of affection, an object that celebrates an important event in someone’s life. It’s great to know that the product that we work on are connected to happy moments in our customers’ lives. Luxury can also be living in a splendid country like Italy which is full of history and culture. I love travelling and getting to know new places – I’m a very curious person. But the greatest luxury is spending time with my son, husband and family.

What are your favourite places such as boutiques, restaurants, etc, in Dubai?
For shops, I love Harvey Nichols at Mall of the Emirates. For a night out, I go to Vu’s Bar at Emirates Towers. It is very elegant, situated right on the top floor, offering a fantastic view of the city of Dubai. For a great dinner, Le Traiteur at the Park Hyatt - wonderful French food and a beautiful outdoor terrace overlooking yachts on the Dubai Creek. I also like dining at Bussola on the beach at Le Meridien Mina Seyahi.

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