Laurence Graff, King of Diamonds Featured

Graff's in Johannesburg is one of the largest diamond cutting and polishing factories.

by 29 June 2009

“Diamonds excite me; diamonds are my life,”
says Laurence Graff, “I see inside the stone, look at the colour and cut and assess its natural beauty and value – I was born to be amongst diamonds.” Such is the passion of the man known as the King of Diamonds who has established the House of Graff as one of the most powerful jewelry brands in the world.

On a Mission
The stars of every fine piece of jewelry are the stones themselves. Synonymous with the most fabulous stones in the world, Graff has an unsurpassed standard of quality. Finding the best stones is a paramount task so every day Graff searches all over the world for in-the-rough or polished stones.

Making the Cut
The cut of a rough stone determines its value. This is a crucial step where the stone becomes a dazzling diamond under the hands of the master cutter. A successful cut is one that reflects, refracts light, resulting in fiery sparkles. Thousands of carats of diamonds are cut and polished in Graff’s factory in South Africa, one of the largest factories in Johannesburg with over 300 craftsmen. Only the best diamonds make into Graff stores.

A Star is Born
Over the years, many a great diamond has entered Graff’s Hall of Fame. One of them is the Lesotho Promise, discovered in October 2006. At whopping 603 carats, it was the 15th largest rough diamond in the world. A short time later, the 493-carat Letseng Legacy was found. The coincidence of finding two such incredible roughs was extraordinary. They were both recovered from the Letseng Diamond Mine in Lesotho, a small kingdom surrounded by South Africa. “To have acquired both the Letseng Legacy as well as The Lesotho Promise is a great achievement for us,” said Laurence Graff. It has been said that more important diamonds have passed through his hands than any other dealer.

Graff is all about the beauty of the stones - strong, iconic and instantly recognisable. Dazzling diamonds and precious stones of superb quality are what make Graff jewelry pieces a standout for their quality and exclusivity.

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