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by 29 June 2009

Founded in 1967, Pomellato was a breath of fresh air to the world of jewellery at a time when it was regarded more strictly as formal wear. Turning formality into sensuality, Pomellato’s distinctive style changed the way we looked at metals, gemstones and their dynamic union.

Firmly rooted in the Milanese tradition, Pomellato’s knowledge in jewellery-making has been passed down over the years by the brand’s highly- skilled craftsmen. Collections with fanciful names such as “Narciso”, “Sirene”, “Veleno”, “Harem” and “Capri” conjure up the image of a modern woman who likes a little opulence in her life. Each year, a new collection emerges with its unique theme of textures, colours and forms. Raw materials such as sky blue topaz, red tourmaline, onyx, various metals unite in sinuous shapes. The result is a truly unique piece of jewellery that pays homage to nature and the modern woman.

Examples of these creative works of art abound. The Victoria chain speaks to the duality of femininity and strength. It comes in pink gold and jet, which is a gem material highly popular during the reign of Queen Victoria. In the collection, you will find sculpted rings, lobe earrings, chandelier-like drop earrings where the splendour of gold meets seamlessly with the timeless appeal of jet.

Another collection representative of Pomellato’s innovative vision is Tango. This smoldering collection is characterised by the use of brown diamonds, pink gold, burnished silver and smoky quartz. Pomellato’s signature shapes and proportions are given a new interpretation with these exotic, dazzling materials.

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