De Beers and the undying fascination of diamonds - both cut and rough Featured

Ice on Fire, the name for the De Beers rough diamond collection

by 29 June 2009

It would be difficult to pinpoint the reason of our fascination with diamonds. First discovered in southern India in the 9th century B.C., diamonds have been a symbol of beauty and prestige ever since. For more than 100 years, De Beers has been synonymous with high-quality diamonds, and is an authority in the diamond industry. Luxos finds out why a diamond is forever.

De Beers introduced the four most important factors in 1939 in determining diamond quality: cut, colour, clarity and carat. The four C’s have been widely adopted by some of the largest international diamond houses. Colour, clarity and carat are a diamond’s innate traits, but cut is where human effort intervenes, realising a piece of diamond’s full potential and value.

De Beers have some of the best diamond cutting craftsmen, responsible for the paramount task of creating the most beautiful jewellery in the world.

But let’s not forget about diamonds in the rough. While it is mostly women who appreciate polished diamonds nowadays, rough diamonds used to be worn by men in ancient times as a symbol of power. The culture of wearing diamonds as a way to adorn the human body has evolved over the years. However, De Beers continues to pay homage to diamonds in the rough by incorporating them into a collection called Ice on Fire.

This collections gets its inspiration from the eternal duality – the ice and the fire – of the woman. Distinctively De Beers design incorporates both rough and polished diamonds in the collection’s earrings, pendants, rings and the bracelet. An instant classic for its geometric elegance, Ice on Fire again, like many memorable collections by De Beers, sparks our imagination and continues to uphold the highest standard.

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