High Jewellery, a unique saga of one-off pieces Featured

Over-the-top creations make history.

by 02 June 2009

World-class jewellery brands regard “High Jewellery” as a formidable ivory tower, rendering every piece of their High Jewellery collection one of a kind. There is a true saga behind this. To start with, rarest stones are acquired from around the world, then shown off with intricate designs and exceptional setting techniques. These masterpieces are created for valued customers such as members of royal families, aristocrats, business magnates and Hollywood celebrities. Jewellery brands are thus committed to this very exclusive circle of admirers. Every detail of the High Jewellery piece is recorded – the stone’s origins, quality, size, etc – in the jewellery company’s database. Becoming much-coveted items, the product’s present and future value is assured.

The value of High Jewellery comes from the brilliant combination of design and setting technique. Some of the most well-known creations are Cartier’s “Panther” collection made for the Duchess of Windsor, and Van Cleef & Arpels jewellery pieces featuring the unique Invisible Setting. These items not only have a staggering value, but also exemplify extraordinary artistry.

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