Versace puts a ring on it



02 July 2012

- The great Gianni Versace once famously declared that his namesake brand was an absolute lifestyle from the clothes, right down to the champagne glasses. Versace is now making its way into fine jewellery, with the launch of Atelier Verace Jewelry.

The inaugural line of jewels will feature one-of-a-kind rings mounted with an array of precious stones from diamonds to emerald, sapphire, amethysts, citrine, acquamarine and yellow diamonds - to match with the signature fragrance of course!

It comes as no real surpise as Donatella Versace is reknowned for her exceptional personal jewellery collection - Elizabeth Taylor famously asked to try one of her rings on and never gave it back! "As a designer and a collector of fine jewellery, I have always wanted to offer the same quality of craftsmanship in jewellery as we offer with the Atelier Versace fashion,” says the designer.

The collection will be available for sale by appointment only. Each piece is individual and according to maison Versace, will not be reproduced.

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