Harry Winston - Noomi Rapace wears Harry's diamonds for the Prometheus premiere


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01 June 2012

Possibly the most keenly-awaited film of the moment, Prometheus was premiered at Leicester Square, London, on 31 May 2012. The film, a science-fiction epic directed by Ridley Scott that goes back to the days of the first Alien movie, stars Noomi Rapace as archaeologist Shaw, alongside Logan Marshall-Green as Holloway. They lead an expedition after discovering a series of cave paintings that all indicate a specific location in space, and run into all sorts of problems on a planet whose settings feature work by H.R. Giger (again, as in Alien). There are androids (Michael Fassbender) and cool company officials (Charlize Theron), but it's Noomi who steals the show.

And she stole the show in London at the premiere, wearing Harry Winston jewellery, a diamond Princess cut bracelet set in platinum, and diamonde Shinde earrings also set in platinum. Dazzling.

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