Harrods - crowning glory


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17 May 2012

I think that this video of the Harrods Crown Project is one of the most beautiful pieces of film produced by a brand since the Cartier video. The St. Edwards coronation crown is a superb piece of jewellery, and it provided inspiration for 32 brands, all of which available at Harrods. In the video, we hear a series of descriptions by design protagonists who narrate the way in which they developed the project. 

Paul Smith says, "I like stuff," and this can be seen from his crown, which includes a vast array of objects and imagery. The Rug Company described the way in which they transformed their usual two dimensional art into three dimensions. Globetrotter turned their suitcase-making brilliance into a lovely leather crown, complete with their signature hardware.

Theo Fennell, jewellery designer, and De Beers, of course work in areas closer to the actual item. They were particularly inspired by the 73 carat diamond atop the original crown. Chocolatier William Curley made a deliciously edible work of art. In the end, the overall image is one of tribute: a tribute to the Queen in her Diamond Jubilee year, the original intention of the Harrods management.

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