De Beers - best of this summer's jewels

by 25 April 2012

De Beers, ‘the Jeweller of Light,’ launches its summer jewelry trend with the Enchanted Lotus Collection. Now you can appreciate De Beers diamonds not only for their inherent beauty, but also for these delicate designs inspired by one of nature’s most delightful sights. The Enchanted Lotus drop necklace is a new interpretation of the classic jewellery  with alternating lotus motifs and delicate diamond drops. You can wear the sautoir as a long necklace or twisted for a double-strand look. Inspired by dew drops settling on lotus leaves at dawn, the diamond pavé setting wonderfully captures the delicacy of sparkling water droplets. You won't miss the heart of the blossom - a solitaire diamond. To make a beautiful set, the multi-motif bracelet embroidered with diamond thread pavé maximizes the dazzle in this fine, white gold chain that hangs delicately on your wrist. If you are looking for a delicate touch of colour, look for the Enchanted Lotus pendants, sleeper earrings and bands in pink gold.

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