The hottest jewels for summer 2012


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11 April 2012

Luxury gold jewelry is all about choices this summer from the world's top jewelry designers. You will find something you like in our highlight.


Lightness of Being
Cartier never stops to surprise us with daring designs even after 165 years of excellence. Besides the famous Love, Panthère, and Trinity de Cartier, a new icon debuts this summer. ‘Juste un Clou’ (in the photo above) is much more than just a nail. The French maison has successfully transformed an everyday object into a fresh, glamorous jewellery collection. Choose from rings and bracelets - available in small and large - crafted in white, pink and yellow gold, with diamond-set and non-set styles. A rebellious silhouette and precious metal options make ‘Juste un Clou’ an easily loveable collection.


Imagine a flower that blossoms in the morning and closes as night falls, a flower that thrives between a summery sky and the horizon of tranquil waters, symbolizing eternity. De Beers, ‘the Jeweller of Light,’ is celebrating Natural Beauty with the Enchanted Lotus Collection (above). You can appreciate De Beers diamonds not only for their inherent beauty, but also for these delicate designs inspired by one of nature’s most delightful sights. 


Mystic Goddess
Carrera y Carrera turns to the Spanish coast for inspirations to create the bold and exotic Mediterráneo collection. Actea: nautilus-shaped yellow gold, non-set rings, cufflinks, pendants, earrings and their white gold counterparts with diamonds. Afrodita: the swirling blossom is created in white and yellow gold, with precious rose-cut diamond-set pieces to choose from. Aqua: blue topaz adds a dash of colour and mystique. Atenea: the starfish theme is expressed in all vivid shapes and forms. Last but not least, Calipso is a new interpretation of the classic seashell shape. The Mediterranean beckons... (photo above)

Bulgari has relaunched its historic Monete collection (above) with a new line of beautiful jewellery pieces and luxurious leather handbags. Drawing from its 1960s archive, Monete’s nostalgic design features goddess-adorned coins and robust chains. The Italian maison’s state-of-the-art craftsmanship turns Ancient Rome-inspired pieces into contemporary, stunning necklaces, bracelets and brooches. Antique silver coins are contrasted against pink gold, mother-of-pearl and diamond pavé for an exotic appeal.

Ring Master
The Quatre yellow and white gold ring set with one solitaire and diamonds perfectly expresses the spirit of Boucheron, the famous French jeweller that was founded in 1858 at Galerie de Valois, alongside Palais Royal. In 1893, Frédéric Boucheron moved the store to 26 Place Vendôme, where the maison became the first jeweller in this now world-famous square. The Quatre collection is available in many iconic motifs with precious gold (in the photo above).


Contrastes de Chanel (above) is the latest collection from the French maison’s fine jewellery line. The high concept approach to stones results in breathtaking, otherworldly creations. It’s a quixotic concerto of contradictions where geometrical rock crystal pavés meld with perfectly spherical diamonds and pearls. If you are wondering how Chanel Fine Jewellery managed to make the cut, the answer is in round-, pear-, brilliant- and baguette-cuts converging across landscapes of diamonds, moonstones, white opals and mother-of-pearl.

True Colours
Loveably lovely, the 100% amore (love) collection from Dodo (above) is a girlishly guilty pleasure to gift or be gifted. The line features rings, earrings and pendants in rose gold with candy-like synthetic heart-shaped red rubies as well as pink and white sapphires.

Get to know the exotic side of Pomellato with its Bahia collection (above), featuring stunning pendants, earrings and a ring set with gemstones such as blue topaz and pink sapphire. The jewellery pieces make a beautiful set or can be worn individually.

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