Tiffany & Co. goes heavy metal!


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10 April 2012

This year Tiffany & Co. celebrates its 175th anniversary. To mark this milestone, the brand has revisited one of its most iconic collections '1837' with a unique alloy, Rubedo.

Rubedo is a lightweight yet strong alloy, with a textured finish. Its smooth lustre flatters different skin tones. Rubedo is a new material that offers the pink metallic reflections characteristic of pink gold, though it is lighter and stronger. The new collection, Tiffany 1837, comprises necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets (the latter shown below), in a limited edition that will be sold this year alone to celebrate the brand's anniversary. The necklace is in the form of a series of interlocked rings, while rings and bracelet feature an interesting waisted profile. The series includes the classic Tiffany padlock.

So what is this stuff Rubedo? In terms of value, it's less than gold and more than silver. The name means simply "red" in Latin. It is an alloy of gold, silver and copper, and therefore it reflects the same process used to make pink gold, in which a small amount of copper is added to the precious metal. Independent analysis seems to show that Rubedo is just over 30 percent gold, making it about 7.5 karat. Whatever, it is a brilliant marketing operation: the introduction of a new metal alloy to mark its anniversary is a good way of attracting interest from jewellery enthusiasts the world over.

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