L'Odysee de Cartier - debut short film in celebration of the brand's 165 years



02 March 2012

Two years and a crew of 60 trained specialists were involved in the Cartier project for the maison's first-ever short film - L’Odyssée de Cartier in celebration of 165 years of the brand's history.

L’Odyssée de Cartier is seen through the eyes of the iconic Cartier panther with settings in historically important locations: Paris, St. Petersburg, Beijing and an opulent Indian palace. The artwork and cinematography are dramatically stunning with visual metaphors galore: the panther running through hoops of Trinity rings, wheels of a horse drawn carriage turning into gigantic rolling Love bangles, and the interior of a Maharajah’s palace coming alive as dazzling pieces from the India-inspired Tutti Frutti collection.

For further information please see the Cartier Facebook page and the Cartier official website.