Pomellato give M'ama non M'ama a Valentine's Day twist


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24 January 2012

For this upcoming Valentine's Day, Pomellato has given its "M'ama non M'ama" collection a new addition.

The "M'ama non m'ama" (love me, love me not) collection is one of Pomellato's best sellers. It is based on a gold band with gemstones, for a total of 9 different rings, each with different meanings and colours. For example, garnet (red) for pleasure, green tourmaline for hope, red tourmaline for love, blue topaz for tenderness. A combination of different rings can be used to create a personalised piece of jewellery. It is promoted by means of engaging graphic design, and recently by a video featuring Tilda Swinton. This has proved to be a remarkable piece of marketing. The phrase "tilda swinton m'ama non m'ama" has become one of the most often-searched phrases in the jewellery sector on the internet.

The new "M'ama non M'ama" ring, in rose gold with a red tourmaline central stone surrounded by brown diamonds, is the perfect way to express your love. The colour signifies a feeling that could be variously described as love, passion, desire, jealousy, tenderness, joy, pleasure...

This exquisite ring is priced at €2,300.

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