Natural pearls, the most precious gems in the world

by 15 December 2011

La Peregrina has put the spotlight back on natural pearls, the world's most precious gems. According to Christie's Director for Jewellery and Jadeite in Asia, Vickie Sek, a natural pearl is considered more precious than any other gemstones. To understand why, just consider that rubies and jadeite can still be found in Myanmese mines, emeralds can be found in Columbia and so forth, but natural pearls are a unique rarity, as the quality of the waters where natural pearls can be found have been compromised greatly over the past decades. For connoisseurs who look for one-of-a-kind finds, natural pearls are an ideal quest. Stop by world-renowned jewellery houses and you might find such a treasure, with a bit of luck. Otherwise, I'm afraid you will have to bid for one at an international auction.

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