Dodo inaugurates its 9 Corso Matteotti boutique in Milan

by 11 November 2011

Premier design jewellery brand Dodo invited hundreds of guests to celebrate the inauguration of its 9 Corso Matteotti boutique in Milan by making a wish. The event was great fun! I sipped on a half bottle of Prosecco wth a straw while writing my wish on a little red card. To make sure my wish come true, I went underground to the 100% amore level of the boutique to rub on an Aladdin's lamp and opened a fortune cookie with a message that said "Tartaruga: sai aspettare (Turtle: you're able to wait)." Naturally it was Dodo's tortoise the message was referring to! The local Radio Deejay did a countdown with the exuberant crowd and released a cloud of balloons - with the wishes stuck on each of them - into the sky. What a way to celebrate the boutique opening!

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