Pasquale Bruni new luxury gold jewelry collections

by 14 October 2011

The exuberant Italian jewellery brand Pasquale Bruni debuted a series of new collections in Milan. A well-established name in Italy, Pasquale Bruni is also beloved in the United Arab Emirates and is quickly entering the Chinese market. It’s not difficult to understand the appeal of its diverse collections that cater to different taste. I went to take a look and loved its ’70 Queen and Mandala collections the most.

The ’70 Queen collection emphasizes the contrast between kogolon, onyx, white diamonds and black spinels. This glamorous collection cleverly reverses the use of black and white materials in the lotus flower designs, creating an interesting visual impact.

The lotus flower theme continues in the Asia-inspired Mandala collection, which plays with the magical colours of iolite, blue topaz, rhodolite, amethyst and black spinels. The bright stones are expertly set onto pink gold rings that wrap beautifully and comfortable around the fingers, despite their relatively large size.

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