Chaumet tiaras, premier design jewelry

by 14 September 2011

The tiara has always symbolised power ever since the ancient Greek civilization. Every king or queen who belonged to a ruling class possessed a diadem to demonstrate their absolute power. With changing times and fallen kingdoms, tiaras are no longer exclusive to the rulers in Europe. Aristocrats and the affluent class began to appreciate tiaras too.

Today, new wealthy families who might not have centuries-old tiaras will look for a tiara maker and have theirs exclusively made. Chaumet is one of the world’s oldest French jeweller and tiara maker for royalty. Founded by Marie-Étienne Nitot in 1780 as a jewellery business, the house of Chaumet continues to create jewellery pieces and exquisite tiaras for royalties around the world in the 21st century.

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