Best Calming Apps for Your Next Trip Featured

LUXOS wants to help you unwind from the stress of travel with these calming apps on the go.

by Veronica Estudillo Velasco 16 July 2017

Travelling is the perfect opportunity to master new skills, discover new places and relax. Yet travelling can often be stressful. From cancelled flights to lost luggage, in-transit problems can disrupt your emotional health. If you want a quick way to refresh your mind without someone instructing you to tune into your breath, these apps are perfect for you.


earthlapse banner

We know that travelling cannot always be pleasant. There are many drives of stress including lost baggage, poor internet connection and flight delays. Luckily, Earthlapse is a great app that can help you alleviate a lot of that stress while you travel. Earthlapse is a great app that gives you an International Space Station view of the Earth. You can control the speed of the movie, check the weather for your location and show the current time. Additionally, the app supports a selection of new-age music for your enjoyment.

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Music is always good to relax. When travelling, you can discover new artists and music you may never have heard. With you can sit back and stream all day, it’s all free. Using algorithms, Wonder selects newly released songs and artist trending on music blogs around the web, then actual human curation chooses the best of those new songs and floats them to the front of their respective homepages. The result is a playlist of new music from independent artists and small producers. You get to download and support the music right out of the gate, plus you always have something fresh and interesting to listen to.

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Reading is a good way to clear your mind. Fortunately, Kindle puts millions of books, newspapers and magazines at your fingertips. Before purchasing a book, it’s possible to read the first chapter for free to see if you're going to like it. Kindle also offers a lot of free content through the entire store. Additionally, it has a built-in dictionary that allows you to look up words instantly while you’re reading.


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