The Best Tech Travel Hacks Featured

Stay calm, cool and collected with these brainy apps.

by 04 July 2017

Regardless if you’re traveling for business or pleasure, getting from place to place and getting acclimated in a new location can be stressful. We recommend getting to know the handy phone if its available in your hotel, which allows you to use the gadget as a smartphone that offers unlimited local and international calls, internet access, exclusive promotions and curated city guides. Along with your handy device and the help of these apps and gadgets, you can avoid any possibly trip- ruining moments.

XE Currency


In this turbulent economy, markets are changing constantly. Get on top of all currency exchange rates with real time accuracy, and be able to check any rate and any time of the day. This app also works offline, with the most recent rate opened on your phone, so you don’t have to worry about it using up all of your data.


Card View Screens

Get all of your travel itineraries from different airlines and methods of transportation in the same place. You never have to worry about lost print outs, or e-mails unwilling to load on time with this convenient app. Tripit lets you share plans and even makes planning group trips easier.

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Wolfram Sun Exposure

Wolfram Sun Exposure

This Sun Exposure app helps you make smart decisions about laying under the sun. No one can deny the relaxing comfort the hot sun gives you, but no one loves the day-after burn. Avoid all of that with this app that recommends the SPF you should wear and determines the strength of the sun based on your location, time of day and sun position.

A Luggage Tracker

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You finally get to your destination and you find out your luggage is lost. Could there be a worse way to arrive on vacation? With this luggage tracker, you are able to know where your luggage is at any time or place. Avoid the dreaded feeling with this smart technology that fits in the palm of your hand and light enough not to tip your luggage over.

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Away Carry-On

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This stylish carry-on is unbreakable, has a lifetime warranty and includes a USB port that allows you to charge any device. This smart luggage was designed with compartments that make packing easy and avoid any liquid mess.

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