A New Meridiist joins The Odyssey of Pioneers

by 11 May 2010

TAG Heuer launches MERIDIIST GMT for The Odyssey of Pioneers, the first world tour of a fully electric, emissions-free GT car.

MERIDIIST, the first communication instrument engineered by a Swiss horology leader, has been specially fine-tuned and brought to peak performance to accompany the meridian-crossing global adventure of TAG Heuer and Tesla Motors. It has been incorporated by Jean-Christophe Babin, TAG Heuer CEO, to the console of the Tesla during is arrival in Moscow. MERIDIIST GMT will accompany now the Roadster during his fabulous trip over the world.

New GMT features allows drivers to juggle dual time zones, responding directly to the needs of the driver, as the TAG Heuer Tesla Roadster accomplishes its 37,000 km voyage passing through 15 cities across the globe. Cruising through Budapest, with a simple press of a button on the MERIDIIST, that is built into the center console of the car, the driving team can determine the local hour as well as manage the hour of its support and communication base in Palo Alto, California – where the Tesla Roadster was designed and produced. The GMT function manages perimeters, allowing enhanced global and local awareness and communication.

Enhanced internal software also advances the efficiency of essential functions, and sporty design models with signature aesthetic finishing signify the evolution of the MERIDIIST communication instrument, rising to meet new and challenging frontiers.

The enhanced, GMT-equipped MERIDIIST communication instrument will be available worldwide starting July 2010 in TAG Heuer boutiques and certified retailers. Meanwhile the MERIDIIST GMT can be viewed in person, exclusively on the arrival of the TAG Heuer Tesla Roadster at key destination markers along The Odyssey of Pioneers:
        May 19 in Delhi, India
        May 20 in Jaipur, India
        June 3 – 6 in Beijing, China
        June 17 in Shanghai, China
        July 8 - 11 in Tokyo, Japan
        July 29 - 30 in Los Angeles, USA
        August 19 in Miami, USA
        September 2 - 5 in New York City, USA
        September 16 - 19 in London, England
        September 30 - October 17 in Paris, France

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