The Ferrari of the skies: the Sky Rider Drone

The Ferrari of the skies: the Sky Rider Drone

Pininfarina trades in Ferraris for drones

by 28 August 2014

Legendary Italian design house Pininfarina, renowned for its exotic automobiles (mostly Ferraris) and for the superb designs of Ferrari 308, Alfa Romeo Spider and Cisitalia 202, has decided to turn its attention to things that require wings rather than wheels.

The company has designed a sleek RC drone called Sky Rider Drone, which features things one would expect from such an object, including excellent manoeuvrability, an integrated camera and GPS tracking.

According to Pininfarina, the finished device boasts a perfect aerodynamic shape created to minimise friction, giving it an elegant finish.

For the project, Pininfarina collaborated with Italian company DeAgostini Publishing. Indeed, the Sky Rider Drone will be sold as an assembly kit divided in a series of releases – currently announced for the Italian market only.

“Starting from the wing profile that represents the perfect aerodynamic shape, the Pininfarina team created elegant and pure lines as well as streamlined and soft surfaces able to minimize the friction with air,” said Pininfarina in a release.

It can achieve a maximum speed of 45mph when moving horizontally and 11mph moving skyward. The total cost of completing the drone will be over €1500 ($1980 approximately).

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