Luxury developments in camera and video tech - slideshow

Recording your stay will never be the same with these innovative cameras and gadgets.

by 17 June 2014

Travelling is always a memorable experience, and there are many ways to make the memories stick. Point and shoot cameras dominate this arena, allowing travellers to take fast, high-quality shots and save them to SD cards to be uploaded and saved. However, luxury cameras and innovative options could allow for a far more interesting way to record and relive your stay.

Nikon, for example, has announced a projector-camera hybrid. It allows you to take 14-megapixel photos and then either project a slideshow from its SD card or connect via a built in USB connector to a Windows or Mac computer as an LCD projector. The small projector can only work up to two metres away, but for a camera-projector hybrid, that seems just fine. Most standalone projectors have a brightness rating of around 10 lumens, while the Nikon hybrid has a 14-lumen rating, making it surprisingly bright. Another handy feature is the 3-inch touchscreen, which lets you draw on images projected from the camera.

An even more unusual product called the Panono Camera is a one-of-a-kind experience. It's a ball with 36 cameras embedded in it, which work together when a photo is taken to create a 360 x 360 degree panoramic photo. When the ball is thrown into the air, the accelerometer decides when it is at its highest point and all 36 cameras take photos simultaneously, all of which are then stitched together into a 108-megapixel panorama shot. The entire image can be viewed by clicking and dragging as well as zooming in and out. The panoramas can be shared by Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to the cloud, a personal website, a phone or a social media profile. The Panono is available for pre-order now, and will be a completely new way of capturing the moment.

The Parrot Bebop Drone is another interesting way to record your stay. It's a ready-to-fly quadcopter drone which is controllable via iPhone. The drone is a durably-built copter with a built-in GPS so it can fly to pre-programmed waypoints as well as hover and pan. These features, when combined with the high-quality camera attached to the Bebop drone, create an amazing method of recording aerial photos and videos. The drone camera has unprecedented image stabilization and range. The user can also put on Oculus Rift, a virtual reality headset, and pilot the drone while seeing what the camera is recording.

This November, a camera will be released for those who enjoy modern technology with a vintage twist—the Lomo Instant. The camera is instant, meaning it prints pictures as they are taken. However, this isn't just a vintage Polaroid. The camera has a high-quality wide angle lens with fisheye and portrait attachments, shooting modes with and without flash, unlimited multiple exposures for creative composite photos, infinite long exposures, colour gels to colorize photos, 2-step focusing, and tripod mounting for easy photography. The Lomo Instant allows the user to have a unique, experimental camera while still creating high-quality shots.

For those who prefer to use their smartphones rather than an external camera, the HTC One M8 is one of a few good choices. Where most phones have one camera lens, the HTC has two, one on top of the other. The camera isn't a 3D one, so why the second camera? The phone uses it for depth perception, much like human eyes. This allows for some high-quality features like a 300-millisecond autofocus speed, which is impressive for any camera, and the ability to harness powerful editing features. The dual-cameras allow for more Bokeh to be drawn out of an image, meaning points of light will be magnified and blurred for an artistic shot. They also give a Lytro-esque ability to focus images after they are taken, allowing the user to stop worrying about blurry shots.

If you want something exclusive, Hasselblad has something for you. Not only have they created the beautiful H4D-40 DSLR camera, but they have partnered with Ferrari for a limited 499-unit run of a Ferrari-branded, Ferrari-red version of the powerful camera. The cameras features a 40-megapixel resolution, 3-inch LCD screen, and high-quality controls for easy adjustments and edits.

Leica is also upholding its sterling reputation with the S2-P, a favourite among photographers on the road. The digital SLR camera has the size and handling of a 35-millimetre model while sporting a 37.5 megapixel sensor. It's resistant to water and has a luxurious battery life, making it a perfect choice for the avid traveller.

All of these cameras make photography and videography while travelling simple and high quality, and create a one-of-a-kind experience for the user and their companions. Recording your stay will never be the same.