Google teams with Virgin Galactic on new satellite venture

Google's master plan to surround the earth with satellites seems to be coming to fruition.

by 17 June 2014


Google is partnering with several space-related companies to launch its own fleet of sattelites into earth's orbit.

The satellites would, according to Google, bring internet to parts of the world without access. This has been a plan of Google's for a while now, but the company has recently taken large steps to further its progress.

Buying both Skybox Imaging and Titan Aerospace this year was a strong start, as Skybox develops cheap imaging satellites and Titan develops solar powered unmanned aircraft which can fly non-stop for years hundreds of metres above the ground. Titan's satellites can also beam wireless signals to the ground during their flight.


The two companies were just the beginning, however—Google is now in talks with Virgin Galactic, the company trying to make space tourism a reality, in order to buy an equity stake in the company. This deal would give Google access to Virgin's satellite launching technology. Sky News reports that, while the talks have been in progress for months, they are now at an 'advanced stage.'

Sir Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin Galactic, is a reportedly a close friend of Google co-founder Larry Page. Both companies declined to comment to any news companies.