Three things you never thought you'd see from a plane

The golden age of air-travel may be a distant memory, but a new aircraft by Californian desginers Micronautix, promises to bring it back better than ever.

by 16 June 2014

In an age of budget airlines and 24-hour journeys, flying is often an uncomfortable and laborious task that must be endured to get you to the best places on earth. However, a new concept aircraft by Micronautix promises to turn flight into an immersive experience that is a luxury experience in itself.

'The Triton' is an unorthodox jet that includes three cockpits: the middle for the pilot and copilot, and cabins on either side accommodate two or three passengers. The three pods are covered by a dome of glass, rather than only having a cereal box-sized window, which allows for a panoramic view while flying. The aircraft is meant for soaring over the most beautiful parts of the world with its sleek design and uninhibited view.

The Triton gives a fighter-jet feel, but in reality the aircraft is meant for a private, luxury experience. Not much has been leaked about the craft itself, but it is known that the jet will be powered by a Rolls-Royce turboprop engine and has a range of approximately 1,500 kilometers.

Micronautix plans to unveil multiple versions of the Triton, including an amphibian version and an electric hybrid version, the latter of which will provide up to 20 minutes of completely silent flight. However, the turboprop engine already has a lower RPM than other engines, giving passengers a quieter ride.

Marco Parotto, President of Lift Event Management, told, 'The goal is to make the passengers, many of whom will be taking their first flight in a small aircraft, as comfortable as if they would be sitting in a $40,000 mid-size sedan.'

The model will be unveiled at the 2014 Aviation Summit in Palm Spring in the autumn as the designers search out for a buyer for the concept. Whoever snaps it up, The Triton's design and features are a huge step forward in aviation and will likely change the course of luxury travel for years to come.