Vertu unveils handmade smartphone for the luxury market – video

Latest gadget from phone company has sapphire, signatures and software galore.

by 04 June 2014

Few new phones can boast better hardware, software and design than any iPhone, but the Signature Touch can.

Each Signature Touch is completely handmade and signed by its maker in the SIM compartment. A combination of sapphire, calfskin and titanium make this a rare piece of immaculate technology. Being handmade, there are very few Signature Touch phones in existence, which allows the user to have a completely unique smartphone that far exceeds anything else in the luxury market.

The Vertu Signature Touch phone has modern elegance to it, while still bearing classic elements of Vertu phones such as the bold 'v' shapes and a ceramic pillow. The casing is grade five titanium and the 4.7" screen is covered by 118 carats of fifth generation solid sapphire. The sapphire is virtually impervious to anything but diamond and, coupled with the titanium casing, lends the phone quite a lot of durability. This unique, beautiful phone is made to stay that way.

The phone's insides perfectly match the beauty of the outside. The Signature Touch runs Android 4.4 (KitKat), which is the newest and fastest Google Android software. It includes an extremely fast processor, plenty of memory and a 2275mAh lithium-ion battery, which provides talk time of up to 15 hours 30 minutes and standby time of up to 380 hours.

The Signature Touch smartphone is a perfect example of a luxury mobile phone: an almost indestructible screen, titanium casing and high-quality hardware and software combined, in addition to being one of an exclusive batch of signed, handmade devices. The phone's quad-core processor makes multitasking effortless and the 2275mAh lithium-ion battery makes battery life a non-issue.

Vertu has created a new breed of smartphone.