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Maserati and Bowers & Wilkins set the benchmark for premium car audio

Regular in-car entertainment and audio systems just don’t cut it anymore. In the luxury saloon car segment, clients increasingly see proper high-fidelity sound as one of the “must have” optionals.



16 May 2014

Following the latest trend of collaborations between automotive and audio companies, Maserati has teamed up with “the” Hi-Fi brand by definition: Bowers & Wilkins, famous for their state-of-the-art speakers and on-going collaboration with Abbey Road Studios in London.
Both brands share much in common: uncompromising performance, cutting-edge technology and superior craftsmanship.
Through the Bowers & Wilkins 15-speaker audio system, Maserati’s new flagship car, the Quattroporte, offers a truly audiophile-worthy sound using a 1280-Watt Class D amplifier from Harman’s QuantumLogic Surround Sound audio processing.
Distributed throughout the car are five 25-mm aluminium dome tweeters, five 100-mm Kevlar midrange drivers, two 165-mm Kevlar bass/midrange drivers, two 165-mm Rohacell bass drivers, and one 350 x 20 mm subwoofer. This ensures an audiophile-grade listening experience from any of the car’s four seats.
A big touchscreen display panel in the dashboard offers an easy way to control the system’s performance, tonal balance, audio mode (Stereo, Public, Audio Surround) and all the settings.
The Stereo mode produces the most accurate music presentation, with believable soundstage and instruments presence, tight powerful bass and lean midrange. Out of all three audio modes available, Stereo manages to deliver even the difficult, lower-resolution files like mp3 in a very clean, smooth flow.
The tweeters are never harsh, always in control while maintaining the sweet details, even at high volumes with less-than-perfect files like compressed mp3.
Instruments are always reproduced naturally, with controlled decay for every note.
A nice touch is the presence of Digital Audio Broadcast radio (DAB) which is a very palpable improvement in sound quality from FM radio. Comparing both, DAB sounds like a veil has been lifted, the whole soundstage is moved forward, with more clarity and dynamics.
As with all high-end audio equipment, the better the source, the better the results. To really make the system shine, we recommend the use of cd or high-resolution files (Wav, Flac) through the USB port.
This car’s premium surround system (as optional for 5000 €) raises the bar for acoustic detail and clarity. Its architecture and advanced digital features produce a truly immersive sound.

Special thanks to Rossocorsa S.r.l Milano ( Official Ferrari and Maseati dealer )

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