Bang & Olufsen offers sound for the senses

In the world of high-end audio, the Danish company Bang & Olufsen sets itself apart through its “design-driven innovation” approach, which over the years has produced some spectacular hi-tech and futuristic-looking speakers.



29 April 2014

Their products set the standard for the industry, they are visually striking, deliver an emotional immersive sound and invite owners to experience the artisanal craftsmanship. Fifteen such pieces have gone to become part of the permanent design collection at New York's Museum of Modern Art.

The company's latest product, BeoLab 18, is the world's first true 24-bit / 96khz HD audio active WISA-standard wireless speakers. The tall slender “column of sound” is truly attention-grabbing and a treat for the eyes, featuring an estruded polished aluminium body, 21 composite black or white lamellas instead of a conventional grille, and spaceship-like acoustic lens tweeter, hovering atop the column for 180-degree sound dispersion.

The tweeter delivers a wide and realistic soundstage, while also offering visual guiding with the help of a minimal status light. The body narrows down to a slender point connected to the cast iron base, establishing a strong sense of balance and harmony as well as providing a testimony for the company's masterful metalworking.

With four internal antennas (three in front and one at the rear of the speaker), the wireless performance is flawless, no matter where in the room the transmitter and/or speakers are placed. The sculptural silhouette and flexible placement options makes them ideal for various setups: simple two-channel stereo, part of a 5.1 surround system (with BeoLab 19 subwoofer) or even as front speakers (on wall brackets) for flatscreen televisions.

Make no mistake, BeoLab 18 will be the conversational piece of your guests - for the looks and for the sound - a true statement of proud ownership.

2 x 4” midrange/bass drivers running in parallel driven by 160W class D amplifier
bass reflex cabinet with exterior tweeter
acoustic lens technology tweeter
frequency range: 41 – 24,000 hz
propietary digital sound engine specially tuned to compensate for the presence of lamellas
speaker setting switch for “right”, “left” or “wireless”
room adaption switch for “free-standing”, “wall” or “corner” positions
40 feet wireless range

Optional lamellas:
- oak, walnut or maple